MAMMUT signs agreement with CLIMEWORKS

By signing a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) agreement with Climeworks on January 2, 2023 to remove a portion of its CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere using direct air capture technology, Mammut is taking a significant step towards reaching its goal of being net zero by 2050. Mammut is the first company from the outdoor sector to conclude an agreement with Climeworks, making the Swiss company a pioneer and positioning it on the front line in the fight against climate change.

Press release - Seon, 7. February 2023: Climeworks is an innovative Swiss enterprise, a pioneer and driving force in the technology sector for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The company has operations in Iceland, among other sites, where Europe's largest and most spectacular glaciers are melting in record time. Using direct air capture technology, Climeworks removes CO2 directly from the atmosphere, which can then be stored deep underground in Iceland's unique basaltic rock formations – ideal conditions for safe and permanent storage.

Remove the Rest

True to its climate strategy, "Do our best, remove the rest", Mammut focuses on tangible, progressive climate measures and quantifiable solutions to remove carbon dioxide. In Climeworks, Mammut has found a competent partner to implement this strategy. Signing this agreement with Climeworks means Mammut has committed to a quantity of 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) over the multi-year period of the agreement. This and other partnerships take Mammut one step closer to achieving its goal of net zero by 2050 latest.

Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility, said:

"At Mammut, our climate strategy is focused on reducing our CO2 emissions along our value chain ("Do our best"). Therefore, we are committed to using sustainable materials, renewable energy, supply chain change and circular business models. Teaming up with partners like Climeworks is an important part of our overall climate strategy and supports us in removing the remaining emissions ("Remove the rest")."

Combatting climate change together

This long-term cooperation between Mammut and Climeworks starts in 2023. Climeworks and other partners will remove CO2 in Mammut’s name over the coming years, resulting in 100 % decarbonized products. Mammut's Trail Running collection will be the first of this kind in spring 2023. In the future, Mammut will use the "Carbon removed" label on corresponding products to aid customers in making conscientious and sustainable decisions. ​

Innovative technologies, such as Climeworks' are essential to continue being able to climb glaciated mountains. Mammut is committed to protecting the mountains at the brand's core, and combining forces is the only way to combat climate change.

Direct air capture in brief

Climeworks developed a direct air capture technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Climeworks’ direct air capture facilities draw air into collector containers, where CO2 is captured on a highly selective filter material. Once the filter is saturated, the containers are closed and heated to around 100°C, which releases the CO2. The air-captured CO2 can then be stored permanently. In Iceland, where Climeworks operates the world’s first and only commercial direct air capture and storage facility, called Orca, the air-captured CO2 is mixed with water and stored deep underground by Climeworks’ storage partner Carbfix. Through an accelerated natural process, the CO2 mineralises and turns into solid carbonate minerals. In this solid state the CO2 is stored safely and permanently for thousands of years. Climeworks’ direct air capture and storage solution helps to fight global warming by returning CO2 back to where it came from. It is one of the most scalable and permanent methods to remove CO2, powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Direct air capture process (graphic: Climeworks)

You can find out more about Mammut's sustainability activities and read the Responsibility Report 2021 on the website.

About Mammut

Founded in 1862, Mammut is a Swiss outdoor company that provides high-quality products and unique brand experiences for fans of mountain sports around the world. This leading international premium brand has stood for safety and pioneering innovation for 160 years. Mammut products combine functionality and performance with contemporary design. With its combination of hardware, shoes and clothing, Mammut is one of the most complete suppliers in the outdoor market. Mammut Sports Group AG operates in around 40 countries and employs around 800 people.

About Climeworks

With its Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, Climeworks permanently removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as a service to people and businesses seeking to combat climate change.

In Iceland, Climeworks permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere with its DAC system called Orca: the CO2 is filtered from the air and then stored in rock for thousands of years by Climeworks' partner company Carbfix.

Climeworks' DAC plants are powered exclusively by renewable energy, and the modularity of the CO2 collectors allows plants of any capacity to be built.

Climeworks was founded by engineers Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher in 2009, and has the objective of making an effective contribution to combating climate change. To achieve this, Climeworks aims to inspire one billion people to take action and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Climeworks is a leader in the DAC industry with the world's only commercial facility in operation and a team of over 300 Climeworkers determined to contribute to a net zero future. Climeworks' growing clientele boasts over 160 companies, including multinationals such as Microsoft, BCG, UBS and Swiss Re, and more than 18,000 climate pioneers.


Trail running in Iceland in the 100 % decarbonized Trail Running collection (Photo: Mammut Sports Group AG, Dominik Hodel)
Trail running in Iceland in the 100 % decarbonized Trail Running collection (Photo: Mammut Sports Group AG, Dominik Hodel)

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About Mammut

Mammut is a Swiss outdoor company founded in 1862 that offers mountain sports enthusiasts worldwide high-quality products and unique brand experiences. For over 160 years, the world's leading premium brand has stood for safety and pioneering innovation. Mammut products combine functionality and performance with contemporary design. With its combination of hard goods, footwear, and clothing, Mammut is one the leading head-to-toe suppliers in the outdoor market. Mammut Sports Group AG is active in around 40 countries and employs approx. 800 people.


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